1. WHAT DO THE KIDS DO? Elite Gymnastics is a gymnastics school. We only do one party at a time so the gym is exclusively yours! They have access to the entire gym - bars, beams, vault, floor, and rock wall. The spring floor is set up with an obstacle course and the staff plays group games.

2. ARE YOU EQUIPPED FOR TODDLERS, BOYS, OR OLDER CHILDREN? Since we have classes here at Elite Gymnastics for all age groups starting at 17 months on to the older cheer tumblers, boys classes and boys team as well as girls recreational and competition classes and teams our facility is set up to handle all genders and age groups. The staff is trained to make sure all the children at the party are having fun doing age/gender appropriate activities.

3. CAN PARENTS RIDE THE ZIP-LINE? Sorry. The zip-line can hold the weight of an adult, however the break on the zip-line is calibrated for children.

4. CAN WE BRING IN PIZZA? Yes. Actually, it's your party, you can bring in any kind of food you like. We've had parents bring in pizza, candy buffets, watermelon, crock pots, etc. One parent had a carnival theme and set up a portable bar-b-que pit outside to make hot dogs!

5. DO YOU PROVIDE GOODIE BAGS? No. We put one party favor for every child on the table. Parents are welcome to bring goodie bags.

6. CAN PARENTS GO IN THE GYM? Absolutely! Everyone that doesn't mind taking their shoes off are welcome in the gym. We schedule only one party at a time so family and friends can spend time with the birthday child. It's her/his special day and a wonderful opportunity for pictures!

7. HOW IS THE TIME SPENT? The standard party is 1 1/2 hours. Usually the first hour is in the gym and then the last 30 minutes is spent in the party room with cake and opening presents. However, it is YOUR party and we do PERSONALIZE every party so we can negotiate how the time is spent. When the children are in the gym, the staff completely supervises and directs the party. When everyone moves into the party room, the staff step back and let the family enjoy singing happy birthday, etc. They are still available to provide any support needed.

8. CAN YOU REALLY DO ANY THEME? Absolutely! We personalize every party. If your theme is one that we can purchase locally, we need little advance notice. If the theme is one that has to be shipped in or created from scratch then we'll need 5 business days notice. We've done everything from green turtles with pink spots, to pink tractors! 

9. DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE THEME? LOL. Good Question! We do hundreds of parties each year and my two favorites are Pirates and Zebra Print. 

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? 2927 Specialty Dr, Tyler Texas 75707

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BIRTHDAYS BY ELITE Located at 2927 Specialty Dr, Tyler, TX. Phone: 903-504-5539. .