We absolutely personalize every party here at ELITE!  

You can choose any theme you want - no really - it's birthday magic - remember? :0)

Here's how it works:

*If you choose a theme we can buy locally - we can make that happen with little notice.

*If you choose a theme that we have to ship in - we need enough notice for shipping - usually 10 business days for any theme.

*If you choose a theme that isn't on the market and we need to create it in-house, we need production time. That varies depending on the complexity of the theme you want. 

For example - One of our birthday boys wants a snake pit challenge for his Indiana Jones Party. We need to order the snakes (rubber) and have them shipped in and then we need to do the pit and rope challenge in-house.


We can help!

1. You can go to a local store and look at the stock party themes.

2. You can look at Birthday Party Themes  from one of the companies that we use when we ship themes in.

3. Here's a list of what some of our birthday kids have chosen:

Nathanial had a PIRATE party

Katie Grace had a VALENTINE party

Anna  had a HELLO KITTY party

Maddie had a MY LITTLE PRINCESS party

Ryson had a GLOW / DALLAS COWBOY party

Preslie had a ANIMAL party

Vera had a DORA THE EXPLORER party

Madelyn had a GIRL PIRATE party

Katelyn had a PEACE SIGNS party

Deziree had a JUSTIN BEIBER party

Garrett had a BASEBALL party

Jordan and Taylor had a ROCK STAR party

Nicole had a PRINCESS party

Bridget had a ZEBRA party

Kiley had a MINNIE MOUSE party

Grace and Hope had a BLACK LIGHT party

Laney and Wyatt had a PRINCESS / DINOSAUR party

Cayden and Addison had a ANIMAL party

Raegan had a HOT PINK LEOPARD party

Chloe and Luke had a CANDY / SWEET SHOP party

Julie had a CINDERELLA party

Jason had a PIRATE party

Lily had a LITTLE MERMAID party

Maddie had a BLACK LIGHT party

Chandler had a PEACE SIGNS party

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